Whole Body Cryotherapy: Experience Something Cool

Cryotherapy For Weight Loss

How would you like to burn 500-800 calories, in just 3 minutes, by standing still? Thanks to whole body Cryotherapy, you can do just that!

What’s behind this fast-form of calorie-burning? Well, in a typical Cryotherapy treatment, your body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures (-200F to -240F) for a very brief amount of time (no more than 3 minutes). But, in that 180 seconds, your body will react to the cold by sending blood from your extremities to your core, and this reactionary process can burn up to 800 calories.

Compare the calorie-burning from Cryotherapy treatments to other forms of exercise:

Cross-Country Skiing
Rowing Machine
Stair Machine
450 calories per hour
560 calories per hour
280 calories per hour
300 calories per hour
400 calories per hour
490 calories per hour
560 calories per hour
560 calories per hour
630 calories per hour
420 calories per hour
490 calories per hour
200 calories per hour
300 calories per hour

Or, if you’d prefer to measure the incredible calorie-burning of Cryotherapy against your favorite indulgences, figure you can eat an extra piece of chocolate cake (350 calories), slice of pizza (300 calories), or helping of mac and cheese (325 calories).

In addition to potential weight loss, there are other benefits to whole body Cryotherapy, including: faster recovery time after surgery or injury, a boost to your immune system, joint pain relief, and more.

Please note: calorie-burning examples shown above are for a 155-pound person.


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