Whole Body Cryotherapy: Experience Something Cool

Cryotherapy Can Help Speed Your Recovery After Surgery

Surgery is performed to correct or improve something – a distress to the body that’s come about as a result of injury or illness. But surgery itself can be traumatic to the body, with a long road of physical therapy and painkillers as part of the prescribed aftermath to most surgeries.

Thanks to whole body Cryotherapy, however, there’s a faster, easier way to recover after surgery!

Whole body Cryotherapy can help relieve the swelling and inflammation that often cause pain and restrict movement. With a higher pain threshold and increased production of collagen, you’ll be able to move more freely and return to your everyday activities more quickly.

How does Cryotherapy work? In 3 minutes or less of exposing your body to extremely cold, dry air, your body will react by sending a surge of blood to your core. When your body warms up, newly enriched, toxin-free blood will be sent back to all parts of your body. Endorphins will be produced that help block pain, collagen will be produced that helps promote healing, and, in short, you’ll just feel better!

Whole body cryotherapy treatments can help you recover from:

• knee surgery or replacement
• hip surgery or replacement
• hand or wrist surgery
• shoulder surgery
• back surgery
• cancer surgery


For more information on whole body Cryotherapy, or to schedule an appointment for a treatment, please call 303-663-6990, or e-mail info@castlerockcryotherapy.com. You can also book an appointment online.


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