Whole Body Cryotherapy: Experience Something Cool

Cryotherapy Can Help You Heal From Injuries

For hundreds of years, ice packs and ice baths have been an accepted form of treatment for soft tissue and muscle injuries because the extreme cold helped reduce inflammation. But ice packs are painful to apply, and ice baths are even more tortuous.

Now, thanks to whole body Cryotherapy, there’s a more effective form of cold treatment for injuries! Step into our Cryotherapy sauna for just 3 minutes, and you’ll experience the coldest (down to -240F) and driest air you’ve ever felt…an experience that will help your body instantly start to heal.

Cryotherapy can help reduce the swelling of injuries, lessen muscle spasms, and alleviate pain – in joint, muscle, and tendon injuries.

How does Cryotherapy work? In short, when your body is subjected to extreme cold, it goes into “survival mode” and sends a rush of blood to your vital organs and core. As soon as you leave the cold, this new blood (which is less toxic and more enriched) is sent back to the rest of the body, including your injured areas.

Because you get this tremendous rush of endorphins after a whole body Cryotherapy treatment, you might also experience pain relief, which could allow you to work on range of motion and stability with your injury. In fact, many people intentionally schedule Cryotherapy treatments immediately before their physical therapy sessions.


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