Whole Body Cryotherapy: Experience Something Cool

Cryotherapy Can Help Boost Your Immune System

Wouldn’t it be nice to go an entire year, or maybe even years, without catching the latest cold or flu bug that seems to inevitably circulate every few months?

Well, the stronger your immune system, the more likely you are to stay healthy, even as others around you are coughing, sneezing, and heading to the store to stock up on over-the-counter preventions and remedies.

Whole body Cryotherapy can help boost your immune system, which, in turn can help you: feel better, resist illness and disease, heal from injuries, and recover from surgery.

Here’s how Cryotherapy works: When you go into the Cryotherapy sauna and subject your body to freezing cold temperatures (as low as -240F), after about 30 seconds, your skin feels cold enough to send warning signals to your brain.

The brain reacts by sending about 80% of your blood to your organs, in order to protect them. It’s important to note that even though your skin feels cold – triggering this message to the brain – in reality, the cold has only gone about 1/5 of an inch deep. Once you leave the Cryotherapy sauna (sessions only last 3 minutes, at the most) and begin to warm up, the rush of new, circulating blood helps rid your body of toxins. With less toxins in it, your immune system is stronger!


For more information on whole body Cryotherapy and its ability to boost your immune system, please call 303-663-6990, or e-mail info@castlerockcryotherapy.com. Click here to book a Cryotherapy treatment online.


Please note: Our whole body Cryotherapy center is located at 751 Maleta Lane, Suite 104, in Castle Rock, just off I-25 and Founders Parkway (which is also the exit for the outlet stores).