Whole Body Cryotherapy: Experience Something Cool

Cryotherapy Clinic in Denver

Cryotherapy Treatments: Step By Step

If you’ve never been in for a Cryotherapy treatment, you’re about to experience something very cool! And if you’ve had a whole body Cryotherapy treatment at another office or center, well, we can’t wait to show you how we do things differently at CryoCare.

First of all, Cryotherapy is all we do! Because our sole focus is Cryotherapy, we think you’ll see that the experience is completely different.

Girl getting cryotherapy in Denver

Step by step, here’s the process for Cryotherapy treatments:

Step 1: You can book a Cryotherapy treatment online or by calling 303-663-6990.

Step 2: When you come to CryoCare for the first time, you’ll fill out a health history form and meet with Dr. DeSimone.

Step 3: To prepare for your Cryotherapy treatment, you’ll go into one of our private changing rooms, where you’ll change out of your clothes and put on a fresh robe, socks, gloves, and footwear.

Step 4: You’ll step into the Cryotherapy sauna, remove your robe, and receive a treatment for 2-3 minutes. You’ll be standing the whole time, with your head outside of the sauna.

Step 5: After the Cryotherapy treatment is completed, you’ll put your robe back on and move into our “Warming Room.” Here, we have a treadmill that you can use to do 10-15 minutes of exercise, if you wish. Or, you can just sit in one of our comfy chairs and watch TV, listen to music, or read, while your body warms up naturally.


Cryotherapy is that easy! For more information, or to schedule a Cryotherapy appointment, please call 303-663-6990, or e-mail info@castlerockcryotherapy.com


Please note that Castle Rock Cryotherapy and Rejuvenation is located at 751 Maleta Lane, Suite 104. We’re just off Founders Parkway, near I-25.