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Local/Spot Cryotherapy Session

Localized cryotherapy targets a specific area and is used for swelling and inflammation from a variety of causes such as injections, a tough work-out, an acute/chronic injury or a post-surgical condition. In many cases it is used in conjunction with rehab directed by other heath professionals. It can make rehab easier, more effective and sometimes shortens the time needed to recover. Local/Spot sessions can be used in the time leading up to a surgical procedure also to decrease inflammation.

How long is a Spot Session?

Spot sessions will last 4-8 minutes, depending on the area we are working on and the stage of recovery of the injury. For example, an acutely injured area will require more time than an area that has been treated previously and is healing.

How Often Should I Have One?

We recommend a spot session daily, several times in a row post injury or surgery and then as needed to maintain relief. This can last several weeks depending on the injured area. For best result, a whole-body cryotherapy session should be part of the healing process.

How Cold Will My Skin Get?

Our certified tech will monitor your skin temperature during the whole session. Your skin temperature will never get below 10 degrees Celsius (45 degrees F)

How much does a Local/Spot Cryotherapy cost?

A Single Session is $20 or as little as $10 if added to a whole body session. We have packages also for multiple sessions.

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