Whole Body Cryotherapy: Experience Something Cool

Upcoming Events

At Castle Rock CryoCare and Rejuvenation, we’re excited to introduce whole body Cryotherapy to everyone who wants a health boost! Please join us at the following events:

Castle Rock Wine Fest (7/16/2106)

We are here to help burn those calories from the extra glasses of wine you will be drinking!

Prairie Dog Half Marathon (7/23/2016)

Come stop by and say hello! Our booth will be open from 6am till 11am. We will also be handing out FREE water bottles, chapstick, and Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions!!!

Grand Opening Celebration

Join us for our grand opening celebration – which is a day-long open house! No need to RSVP, just drop by anytime. We’ll be serving some delicious food and giving tours of our state-of-the-art whole body Cryotherapy center. Everyone is welcome!


We recently went out to cheer on the Castle Rock Half Marathon Runners!

We met tons of new people and passed out free Cryo sessions! Join us during our next race to get your free Cryo Session!!! The next event that we will be at is the Prairie Dog Race! Come out and join us to cheer on the racers!!!

Check back soon for next event!

Please RSVP by calling 303-663-6990, or e-mail info@castlerockcryotherapy.com

Other Special Events
We’ll be hosting other special events throughout the year, please check back for the latest info. Also, if you’d like Dr. Michael DeSimone to speak to your group or organization about the benefits of whole body Cryotherapy, please call 303-663-6990, or e-mail info@castlerockcryotherapy.com


For more information on Cryotherapy treatments or to schedule an appointment, please call 303-663-6990, or e-mail info@castlerockcryotherapy.com


Please note that our Cryotherapy treatment center is located in Castle Rock, near Founders Parkway and I-25 (near the outlet mall). We’re at 751 Maleta Lane, in suite 102.