The Many Benefits of Whole Body and Local Cryotherapy for Pain Relief, Sports Injury Recovery, Health , Wellness and Beauty.

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All of the benefits of cryotherapy have yet to be explored.

Cryotherapy treatments, which last just a few minutes, can have long-ranging benefits.

Originally introduced in Japan in the 1970s as a way to treat rheumatoid arthritis, Cryotherapy came into mainstream use in Europe in the 1990s by physical therapist, doctors, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals, and subsequently was brought to the United States in 2009.

Over that time, the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments have been shown to be extensive, including:

  • pain relief/ pain management (reduces inflammation)
  • faster muscle recovery and enhanced performance (especially important for elite athletes)
  • improved skin conditions (because of the increased collagen that’s produced in the skin)
  • better sleep (can help alleviate insomnia and other sleep disorders)
  • reduced anxiety, stress, and depression (thanks to the powerful and immediate release of endorphins)
  • immune system boost (leading to better overall health)
  • weight loss (one Cryotherapy treatment can burn up to 800 calories)


Cryotherapy uses the body’s own natural mechanisms to help it recover from strenuous workouts more quickly. Each cryotherapy session lasts less than three minutes, yet can have long-lasting benefits. How do cryotherapy sessions work? In a nutshell, by going into the cryotherapy sauna for 2 – 3 minutes, and being exposed to extremely cold, dry air (thanks to liquid nitrogen that’s pumped into the sauna), you’ll get an immediate, strong circulatory response. As your body reacts by sending all the blood to your core, inflammation goes down as does lactic acid. Cryotherapy also activates a nervous system response, which means that your body will continue to heal more efficiently throughout the day.

Pain Relief

Some people will experience immediate, natural pain relief after a cryotherapy session, while, for others, the main benefits may come hours or days later. Cryotherapy is a completely organic type of an alternative pain management. Want to avoid prescription painkillers, or lessen the amount of prescription drugs you need to take? Try whole body cryotherapy! We’re offering an introductory cryotherapy special of two sessions for just $50 (a regular value of $130).

Chronic Conditions

If you have a chronic medical condition, you already know what it’s like to struggle with your body’s limitations, to feel tired or to fight constant pain. Thanks to whole body cryotherapy, you might be able to start feeling better soon! In addition to benefiting people with chronic conditions, whole body cryotherapy can also help with pain relief as well as aid with recovery from surgery, sprains or sports injuries.

Recovery After Surgery

Whole body cryotherapy can help relieve the swelling and inflammation that often cause pain and restrict movement. With a higher pain threshold and increased production of collagen, you’ll be able to move more freely and return to your everyday activities more quickly. How does cryotherapy work? In three minutes or less of exposing your body to extremely cold, dry air, your body will react by sending a surge of blood to your core. When your body warms up, newly enriched, toxin-free blood will be sent back to all parts of your body. Endorphins will be produced that help block pain, collagen will be produced that helps promote healing, and, in short, you’ll just feel better!

Heal From Injuries

For hundreds of years, ice packs and ice baths have been an accepted session for soft tissue and muscle injuries because the extreme cold helped reduce inflammation. But ice packs are painful to apply, and ice baths are even more tortuous. Now, thanks to whole body cryotherapy, there’s a more effective cold session for injuries! Step into our cryotherapy sauna for just three minutes, and you’ll experience the coldest (down to -240F) and driest air you’ve ever felt…an experience that will help your body instantly start to heal.

Boost Immune System

The brain reacts by sending about 80 percent of your blood to your organs, in order to protect them. It’s important to note that even though your skin feels cold — triggering this message to the brain — in reality, the cold has only gone about 1/5 of an inch deep. Once you leave the cryotherapy sauna (sessions only last three minutes, at the most) and begin to warm up, the rush of new, circulating blood helps rid your body of toxins. With less toxins in it, your immune system is stronger!

Relieve Joint Pain

Here’s how cryotherapy works: When your body is exposed to an extremely cold temperature (the cryotherapy sauna is between -200F and -240F), your blood vessels constrict, and there’s an immediate reduction in swelling. In addition, because of the extremely cold, dry air, your body immediately begins producing endorphins and serotonin, which are hormones that block nerve impulses to the joints. After cryotherapy sessions, some people experience immediate pain relief, while others may feel its beneficial effects hours or days later.

Healthy Skin

The effects of cryotherapy? Thanks to this new, toxin-free blood, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your skin tone immediately — the improved circulation leads to a healthy glow. Whole body cryotherapy also boosts your collagen, and that’s a good thing! Collagen (which is a naturally occurring protein in your body) helps replace dead skin cells and gives your skin its elasticity and strength. As part of the typical aging process, your body’s ability to produce collagen slows down, which can lead to sagging skin and wrinkles. Whole body cryotherapy can help turn back the clock by amping up your collagen production. In addition to the healthy glow that is an immediate result of most Cryotherapy sessions, over time, you may also see smother skin tone and less wrinkles.

Cryo procedure

Weight Loss

How would you like to burn 500 – 800 calories in just three minutes by standing still? Thanks to whole body cryotherapy, you can do just that! What’s behind this fast-form of calorie burning? Well, in a typical cryotherapy session, your body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures (-200F to -240F) for a very brief amount of time (no more than three minutes). Metabolic resting rate increases during session. Your body sustains that raised level for hours after as a reaction to the cold.

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