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Cryotherapy in Castle Rock, Colorado

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About Castle Rock Cryo Care

At Castle Rock Cryo Care, we focus on your health, fitness, and beauty through addressing inflammation using CryoTherapy and IV Hydration/Vitamin Therapy. Our team is ready to help you get started.

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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Enjoy a 3 minute session of this innovative, exhilarating, recovery and wellness therapy that helps release endorphins and anti-inflammatory molecules


Local/Spot Cryotherapy

Our state-of-the-art spot therapy is ideal for targeting specific areas of the body that are injured or causing chronic pain.


CryoCare Facials

A gentle breeze of nitrogen vapor improves skin tone and leaves you with a healthy glow


IV Hydration/Vitamin Therapy

The Ultimate in health and wellness—we offer various cocktails to meet your needs

For Athletes

“Incredible healing tool. This is the third injury I've had that Cryo has rapidly healed. This time in 2 days it has substantially healed a nasty hamstring/glut pull. I thought I was done with tennis, etc., for at least a couple weeks, but am ready to play right now! This should be your first stop after an athletic injury!” — Rich N.

For Everyone

“Everyone was so nice and helpful! Dr. DeSimone came and talked to my friend and I after and answered any questions we had. Was a great experience and I can’t wait till my next appointment on Tuesday”
— Dani J.

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Cryotherapy Is Proving to Be a Life-Changing, Natural Remedy

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